The climate in Nayarit is one of the many attractions that this state has to offer so spend a few days here far away from your worries. As is common, average temperatures rise or fall according to the season. However, these variations are not an obstacle to planning a visit to the tourist sites at this destination.

Located on the Western coast of Mexico, Nayarit  is in an exceptional area, next to beautiful white sand beaches and very close to Jalisco, which makes it easy to visit both states in the blink of an eye.

In addition, it has an exceptional gastronomy, which is composed of a great variety of foods: zarandeado fish, fish ceviche, Ixtlan del Rio style chicken and pork beans, among others.

¿What is the climate like in Nayarit?

The prevailing climate is tropical savannah, the average temperature is 26 °C, which means that it is hot all year round. In general, climatic conditions by season could be described as follows:


In the state of Nayarit you can enjoy warm temperatures with blue skies and sunny days. The temperatures allow you to spend most of your time outdoors enjoying days at the beach.

Ecotourism activities such as hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat and catamaran rides are great ways of observing the natural beauty of the area.



This is when the hottest months of the year are, when temperatures can reach up to 35 °C. Spring and summer are the ideal times for you to enjoy the best beach destinations.

Normally, the sea water is pleasant and the rains don’t yet affect the currents, so the water tends to maintain those insta-worthy turquoise tones.


During the months of September, October and November, the humidity settles in and it rains more frequently. Although the temperature does not drop much, it is common to be considered low season, as some activities may be affected by storms.

On the other hand, it is a great opportunity to save a little on accommodation, enjoy tourist destinations without the crowds and, why not take advantage of the facilities at all-inclusive hotels with spas and relaxation spaces inside.

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Although there are no extreme temperatures, it is the coldest time of the year.  The temperature drops to about 12°C, so you will need to a carry light coat or jacket to keep warm.

If you don’t like the sun so much, the winter months are the ideal time for you to visit Nayarit. In addition, during this season humpback whales come to the area, so you can take a whale watching tour and live this unique experience. There are also festivals and massive seasonal events to enjoy.

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What is the best season to visit Nayarit?

We cannot give you a definitive answer to this question, since everything will depend on what you plan to do while you are there. However, we leave you with a simple guide that will allow you to choose the best time of the year:

  • Do you want to enjoy sunny days, walks on the beach and outdoor activities? Spring and summer.
  • Traveling on a budget and want to get to know Nayarit and its surroundings? Fall is ideal.
  • Do you like the beach, but prefer not to get so much sun during your walks? Do you enjoy nature and want to see whales? Winter, without a doubt.

As you will see, all the answers are valid, since the climate in Nayarit allows you to enjoy all its tourist destinations to the fullest.

About hurricane season

Generally, the hurricane season is between May and November and is made official each year by the Government of the Republic of Mexico. Due to the location of the state’s tourist zone, it is unlikely that any hurricanes will make landfall, so activities will continue without major effects.

While it is important to stay informed about the weather in Nayarit, it is very safe to visit the state during these months. However, you can rest assured that the hotel complexes are prepared to take action in any event. The state of Nayarit has several tourist destinations where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Whether you want to enjoy the sea, relax or visit its magical towns, you will always find something to do here.

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