What is the Feria del Elote?

The feria del Elote, or Elote Fair, is an annual harvest festival celebrating one of Mexican cuisine’s most iconic ingredients: corn. This festival usually takes place between August and September in different parts of the country.

For fans of traditional Mexican cuisine, it’s the perfect opportunity to try the infinite number of delicious dishes that can be prepared with this essential ingredient. Read on to find out more about this fascinating traditional festival.

What is there to do at the Feria del Elote?

Attendees have a wide range of options to either enjoy alone or with friends and family. It’s important to highlight that the festival is not only about food, but there are also plenty of different leisure, cultural and educational activities to take part in during this lively event.

Traditional food tasting

You can’t go to the Feria del Elote without trying the many different dishes on offer. From the classic elote (corn-on-the-cob) and esquites (toasted corn salad), to recipes such as nieves (citrus plantain ice cream), tortas (small sandwiches), tortillas, panes (breads), chileatole (corn soup with chili sauce) or pozole (hominy stew with meat and vegetables).

Concerts and musical performances

In the main plazas, it’s common for festival organizers to invite national artists to provide entertainment and perform shows. Most of them are scheduled performances, so make sure to do some research before planning your visit. The performances usually take place in the afternoon and evening, so make sure you make time to enjoy them.

Vendedora feria elote

Fairground rides and fireworks

An essential element of any fair are the many attractions for kids and adults to enjoy. Soak up the great atmosphere while trying out the rides and rollercoasters set up for the event.

As the sun goes down, it’s common to see shimmering, multicolored fireworks lighting up the sky.

Taking part in religious events

Like most traditional festivals in Mexico, this event is also a religious celebration. In Jala, Nayarit, the festival is combined with the commemoration of the Assumption of the Virgen.

In times gone by, pilgrims would congregate at the Lateran Basilica to observe dawn mass. Different food stalls selling corn, tamales and other dishes would be set up in the atrium. Over the years, the religious and cultural celebrations have become one.

Educational activities

In some places, such as San Miguel Topillejo, there are workshops and conferences on corn harvesting. Similarly, attendees can also learn about the different varieties and ways of preparing corn, among other topics, which can be very useful for producers and those interested in engaging with the product.

Walk the fields

At the Feria del Elote in Cocotitlán, held every year in September, make sure to miss out on taking a tour of the corn fields. Here you can learn more about the importance of this staple food in the region. The tour is a unique experience to immerse yourself in the region’s rich culture and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people.

Where is the Feria del Elote celebrated?

Many different places in Mexico celebrate this annual festival. Each town has its own special way of celebrating, giving visitors a truly unique experience.

The Feria del Elote in CDMX, for example, is held in San Juan Ixtayopan, in the municipality of Tláhuac. In the State of Mexico, Cocotitlán is the epicenter of this festivity. Other states in which the Feria del Elote is celebrated include Jala, Nayarit, and Tesistán in Jalisco.

Get to know the Feria del Elote in Tesistán

Tesistán is a town in the municipality of Zapopan, built near the region’s large freshwater reserves. This fact facilitated the development of a community centered around livestock, fishing and of course, corn.

The festival originated with the aim of preserving the region’s traditions and has now been held for over 20 years. What’s more, the economic profits generated by this celebration are a great help to the region’s inhabitants.

The Feria del Elote de Tesistán takes place in the central plaza during the month of August. Spread over 5 days, local vendors come together to display the fruits of their labor and their passion for the land. You’ll be able to take part in and appreciate concerts, folkloric dances, regional music, local handicrafts and souvenir shopping during your visit, as well as sports activities and culinary contests.

cocinar elote en feria

This festival promotes family values and healthy coexistence, making it an excellent event to enjoy with the whole family. The little ones are sure to be smitten with ‘unicorn corn,’ a colorful and different way of preparing the ingredient using blackberry, mulberry, and strawberry flavors.

La Feria del Elote is famous throughout Mexico

The Feria del Elote is a very important festivity in many different parts of Mexico. If you’re a fan of traditional activities and good food, make sure not to miss this fantastic celebration. On the other hand, for a totally different fun family experience, Tesistán is a great option. If you visit Jalisco at this time of year, you’ll discover the magic of this small town and have a truly unique experience.