Hidden Beach Nayarit, located in the Islas Marietas National Park, is a veritable jewel that has become an iconic destination. Reaching it is an adventure in itself, and enjoying its crystal-clear waters is considered a reward for all your effort, determination and bravery. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know so you won’t miss a thing during your visit to this unique place

Hidden Beach in the Islas Marietas

Also known as Playa del Amor, it is located in one of the islands that make up the Islas Marietas National Park. It can be found next to the region known as Punta de Mita, on the coast of the Bay of Banderas municipality in Nayarit.

Islas Marietas

The park is considered a small archipelago as it is made up of:

  • Redonda Island (home of Playa del Amor) and Larga Island.
  • Two islets.
  • Some rocky and sandy shallows.
  • A surrounding marine area.

The habitat it forms allows the coexistence of certain marine species characteristic of the Mexican Pacific and the Gulf of California. As such, it offers up a veritable paradise for the observation of flora and fauna, and for the practice of snorkeling and some water sports, like kayaking.

Hidden beach: how to get there

Firstly, book your journey in advance with the authorized tourist operators that hold permits from the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP). This is because access is restricted to 116 people per day, seeking to protect the area.

Departure by boat, motorboat or yacht

The only way to reach this beach is by motorboat or onboard a small vessel. The most common departure points are:

  • In Nayarit: Sayulita, Punta de Mita, la Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Lo de Marcos or Nuevo Vallarta.
  • In Jalisco: Puerto Vallarta, Mismaloya and Yelapa.

The journey time will depend on your starting point. If you leave from Punta Mita, you’ll reach the beach in around 15 minutes, while if you set sail from Puerto Vallarta, it will take approximately an hour.

boat hidden beach nayarit

Swim against the current!

A specific area has been marked out for boats to disembark in the open sea, not far from the beach. That’s when it’s time to don your lifejacket, jump off the boat and swim without fins (to avoid damaging the coral) until you reach the beach.

Playa del Amor is located in an open-ceiling cave. As such, you’ll need to make your way through a rock tunnel in order to then emerge in the famous circle we’re sure you’ve seen in photos. Your reward? A truly stunning beach of white sand, bathed in the brilliant and transparent blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re not a strong swimmer, you can hop in a kayak and paddle along to Hidden Beach in the Islas Marietas.

Plenty to see and do

The majority of crossings include several stops. For example, nature lovers will be delighted to snorkel among the coral reefs and, with a bit of luck, you might even catch a glimpse of a manta ray or turtle.

hidden beach nayarit

In winter, you can see humpback whales frolicking with their calves and even dolphins. As a nesting area, it’s also very common to see species of birds, like the blue-footed booby, the brown booby, the great frigatebird, and the black-headed gull.

There is a sandbank that’s just perfect for sunbathing or, if you prefer, you can splash around in warm and crystal-clear waters. What’s more, on Larga Island you’ll find a host of attractions for more spectacular photos:

  • The El Muerto cave, a rocky formation that’s well worth a visit.
  • La Bufadora, a siphon between rocks that shoots out seawater at great force.
  • Beaches along the island’s coast, including La Nopalera, Los Escalones, El Amarradero and Pavonas Beach. At these, the water is incredible clear, perfect for admiring multicolored fish or enjoying the sun and sand.

One of the best beaches in the world

The renowned Canadian travel agency FlightNetwork placed Playa del Amor ninth on its list of the 50 best beaches in the world. Meanwhile, Forbes magazine awarded it third place on its list of “6 getaways millennials will love”.

hidden beach nayarit islas marietas

Hidden Beach Puerto Vallarta

Though it belongs to Nayarit, many tourists refer to it as Hidden Beach Puerto Vallarta due to its proximity. In reality, it doesn’t matter which state it belongs to. You can visit it from Jalisco or Nayarit, as both states share the extensive Bay of Banderas.

On this beautiful coast, you’ll find comfortable and stylish condominiums and lofts to complete your unforgettable vacation. They are located in exclusive zones and offer the highest standards of quality to make your stay a unique experience.

Visit the iconic Hidden Beach in Nayarit and enjoy the Islas Marietas with your family or friends. Stay with us and you’ll be guaranteed an absolutely magical and unbeatable vacation. Dare to discover it for yourself!