Would you like to see a mariachi show in Puerto Vallarta? Are you interested in discovering the essence and appeal of this art form that makes it so popular? Jalisco is considered the birthplace of this musical genre, so as you might imagine, the streets of this resort town are steeped in mariachi music. When you finish reading this article, you will have all your mariachi questions answered and you’ll be itching to see a show.


What are mariachis?

You don’t need to know much about music to identify mariachi as soon as you hear it. This traditional Mexican genre has become very popular worldwide for its upbeat tunes. Mariachi players are also well-known for their traditional dress and the lively show they put on when they play. They have even been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Wow!

For a group of musicians to be considered mariachi, it must include a vihuela (a guitar with five strings), a guitarrón, a Mexican guitar, one or more trumpets, and at least three violins. There must also be a singer. Their costumes are also very special and help to immediately identify a group as mariachi: cowboy suits with ties and huge Mexican sombreros. This attire is inspired by the clothing worn in the past by farmers, with Spanish embellishment. That’s what mariachis are like in Puerto Vallarta!

Where can I find mariachis in Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re lucky enough to visit this beautiful place in the state of Jalisco, you will run into more than one mariachi band in Puerto Vallarta. This music, which reflects the essence of Mexico so well, is very present both day and night. You can hear it at any of the many restaurants and cantinas, in parks, and even on the pier.

It’s perfect for dazzling brides at weddings, mothers on Mother’s Day, or at other special events like quinceañeras and baptisms. Or to simply to inject some party atmosphere into a gathering with friends and family.

show de mariachis puerto vallarta

Where to see mariachi shows in Puerto Vallarta

Mariachi bands in Puerto Vallarta are not only found in public spaces; they also participate in special celebrations.

In fact, this year Puerto Vallarta held the first “Al Calor del Mariachi” festival, which brought together local and international groups alike. For five days, from June 27th to July 1st, they paid tribute to this great symbol of Mexican identity.

The festival was also an opportunity to showcase local gastronomy and hold fun workshops, conferences, and folk dance exhibitions. It was a huge success, so make sure you add it to your calendar for next year.

Get ready for a mariachi show

Mariachis in Puerto Vallarta are a show all around. You’ll discover a variety of groups as you walk through different parts of the city. It will not be difficult for you to find one of their entertaining performances. Especially if you sit down to eat at one of the many restaurants in the area. Want to see something even more charming? If you book a boat ride that includes dinner, you will feel firsthand the adrenaline rush that happens at mariachi shows.

If you’re looking to book mariachis for a special occasion, you have plenty of options. While all mariachis have the same essential features, there are different types for all tastes. You have groups that are bigger or smaller, groups you can hire hourly to honor a special person, and groups for livening up a gathering with loved ones.

grupo de mariachis en puerto vallarta

Come to Puerto Vallarta

Jalisco is the perfect place for great tequila and mariachis. The millions of tourists that come to this Mexican state every year really know how to appreciate its authentic character. One of the most loved places is Puerto Vallarta, known worldwide for its plentiful charm and personality. Tourists are fascinated by its landscapes and rich, lively cultural scene.

With a cosmopolitan air, it brings together the best of traditional Mexico with a wide range of activities for all tastes. You can dance to the latest hits at the top clubs, admire the beauty of the ocean, walk on the pier listening to mariachi music in Puerto Vallarta, or go whale-watching. Water sports, of course, make an excellent plan during your stay in this city.

As you can see, there is plenty to do in this resort city on the coast of the Pacific. Can you enjoy a mariachi show in Puerto Vallarta? Of course you can! It’s one of the most popular attractions in the area, and you can see it just by walking down the street. Experience the essence of Mexico in all its glory!