Playing at Marina Vallarta Golf allows you to combine two seemingly opposite environments in one experience: the relaxation of the ocean and the excitement of sports. Situated on the coast of Puerto Vallarta, the breezes of Banderas Bay guarantee serenity. But if you decide to start a round of golf, they will challenge your senses and your skills.


Where is Marina Vallarta Golf Club located?

Marina Vallarta Golf Club lies among the charms and mirages of the western mountain range of Mexico. More than 25 years of experience has helped us become one of the best golf clubs in Puerto Vallarta and the western coast of Mexico. Our golf course has been given a legendary status, largely due to the tournaments that attract international golfers every year.

The Marina Vallarta Golf Club is located on the Marine Pass of Puerto Vallarta.  Everyone comes to see the grass, enjoy the hacienda-style clubhouse, and take advantage of the location. Among them, the proximity to the airport and the tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta.

The Golf Player’s Experience in Puerto Vallarta and Characteristics of the Golf Course

The Marina Vallarta Golf Club golf course has 18 holes surrounded by trees, lagunas, and local animal species, such as birds and alligators, making golf an exploratory experience. The palm tree barrier is constant. The majority of the sand traps are small and some holes, like hole 1, don’t have water traps.

On the 6th hole, the obstacles are minimal and the distance between the teeing-off point and the hole is shorter. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert golfer, you can enjoy your time here while you work on your game.

Unique Design and Challenges of the Marina Vallarta Golf Course

The American architect Joe Finger designed the Marina Vallarta golf course club, which makes the local ecosystem the first challenge. Although his talent makes it seem easy to build a property that is suitable for a sport brought from Scotland, the tropics do pose a challenge.

The Obstacles to Scoring in Marina Vallarta Golf Club

Golf courses are built in open areas and, generally, it’s better not to have mountains nearby, since they impede the circulation of air. Despite this, Marina Vallarta golf club has strong winds due to the proximity of the Sierra Madre. This means the ball trajectory is easily lost.

Can you imagine a more exciting challenge than finding a hole surrounded by a laguna and sand? That’s what happens on holes 12 and 13 with their traps. You have to have the precision of a surgeon.

In holes like number 11, you only have to make a clean curve. But with strong winds, palm trees, and a narrow fairway, it’s more difficult than it seems. No matter what time of day you’re playing, you should make sure that weather is part of your strategy.

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Events and Tournaments at Marina Vallarta Golf Club

Every December we are the headquarters of the International Pro Am. It’s one of the most relevant tournaments in the world for uniting professionals and amateurs. That’s where its name comes from. Both expert players and golf enthusiasts play together and form friendships. Winners of the PGA Tour, the most important golf tournament in the world, have visited us previously during the dates of this tournament.

If you want to organize your own competition in addition to participating in the International Pro Am, you can do it at the club. You will need to form a group of at least 12 players and contact us to reserve the golf course.

Exploring the Environment and the Full Experience.

Marina Vallarta is famous for its luxurious buildings and tourist complexes. Located in the far northwest of Puerto Vallarta, right on the beach, the primary mode of transportation, along with cars, is the yacht. From here it’s easy to move around the center and the romantic area of the city to discover the rest of the internationally recognized attractions. Among them is the pier, but there are also cultural activities and tours. 

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Eat and Enjoy the Golf Club at Puerto Vallarta

Golf might seem like a gentle sport, but between swings, the sun, and moving from green to green, your body burns energy. The Marina Golf Puerto Vallarta golf club can help you fuel up to play those holes with breakfast and lunch. But it’s more than nutrition. You’ll play at a vacation house in the country, which means there is space for exercise and for leisure. Celebrate your scores with a cold drink and try a dish. Mexican food, American food, and international fusion food will keep you going during practice.

Are you coming to play golf in Puerto Vallarta?

While on the pier in Puerto Vallarta it’s easy to find buildings and activities with an artisanal flair. In Marina Vallarta sports shine with tourist potential. Of all of them, golf is the most popular, and because of that Marina Vallarta Golf is the most strategic point for adventures. Schedule your rounds and get ready for a heavenly experience! The wind from the beach will be relaxing, but also your biggest obstacle for keeping score.