Having an unforgettable vacation only happens if you visit Nayarit. In this amazing place, you will find everything you need to have a good time: beaches, lagoons, reservoirs, beautiful landscapes, gastronomy, historical sites, adventure sports, and more. Here, not only moments of relaxation and getting close to nature await you but also good fun together with activities that will bring out your maximum vitality. When you see the beautiful beaches that surround Nayarit and immerse yourself in its charms, both you and those who accompany you will be impressed for life. Here is a preview of what you will find:

Rincón de Guayabitos Nayarit

Guayabitos beach Nayarit is the ideal place for you to have unforgettable experiences with your family. It is considered the largest natural pool on the planet, making it perfect for swimming and relaxing. It is also your companion to practice water sports such as diving, canoeing, snorkeling and rowing, among others.

In its waters, there are colorful fish, dolphins, whales, starfish, and coral formations that we hope you can see. If you like fishing, bring your gear and try to catch a snapper, a sailfish or maybe a marlin or skipjack, and live for the moment.

You can take a tour of Rincón de Guayabitos Nayarit, but do take your camera with you because you will enjoy fantastic landscapes.

rincon de guayabitos nayarit

Los Ayala Nayarit

This is another beach with a family atmosphere, turquoise waters, and golden sand. You have restaurants close to the beach and hotels that provide all the comforts.

While in Los Ayala Nayarit, you can’t miss the adventure that awaits you at Playa del Beso, where you can practice scuba diving, snorkeling, and other activities. This beach is only about 120 meters long, but it is in a natural environment that will amaze you. Note that you can only access it by boat, kayak or other aquatic vehicle, so the adventure starts right from your own departure.

Also in Los Ayala awaits Tortugas beach, an unspoiled place famous for its gastronomy and, of course, its turtle nesting. You can be the protagonist of this spectacle during the month of July, when a festival is held to accompany the turtles from the time they hatch until their first contact with the sea.

los ayala nayarit

Lo de Marcos Nayarit Beaches

In the very heart of the Riviera Nayarit is Lo de Marcos, a beach that will captivate you with its beauty and the tranquility of its waters. Its streets, gardens, facades, and ornaments make it a picturesque spot. Visit one of the local restaurants and try the succulent traditional dishes served.

Its beaches are surrounded by lush vegetation and imposing rock formations, which conspire with the blue sea to give you an incomparable environment. It is a coastal atmosphere that caresses you with its breeze and invites you to embrace the sand.

Lo de Marcos is one of the best beaches in Nayarit, not only for its blue-green waters and pearly sand. It is also because of the high level of vacation services and the multiple leisure activities it offers.

lo de marcos nayarit playas

Amor Nayarit Beach

If you were excited by the name, wait until you see it in person. Escondida Nayarit beach, which many call the Amor (love) beach, is located on one of the islands that make up the Islas Marietas National Park. It is an isolated sand cavern that you can only access through an opening flanking in the wall of one of its rocks.

To reach this oasis of white sand and crystal clear waters, you will have to swim or kayak through the crevice. But do not worry! It’s relatively simple to do. Here, you will find amazing marine life: humpback whales, manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, and other species. Being here, you will forget your daily life completely and surrender to the majesty of nature.

playa del amor nayarit

Novillero beach

This is one of the safest beaches in Nayarit. Its waves are calm, so your children can play peacefully. Those who do not know how to swim very well can also enjoy its tranquility. There are even areas of the beach where you can walk about 100 meters into the sea. A total experience!

The atmosphere at Novillero beach is totally relaxing. Its restaurants near the shore will allow you to savor the rich gastronomy of the place. Take a boat tour and be amazed by the mangroves in the area, where migratory birds converge.

playa novillero nayarit

As you can see, the beaches in Nayarit are great and are waiting to give you the adventure you are looking for on vacation. If you want to have a perfect stay, discover the Del Mar accommodation, designed to enhance your experience. Whether you choose an elegant home or a condominium, you will receive first class attention because at Del Mar, its tenants are like family.