The typical foods of Nayarit are not the only thing that stand out in this beautiful Mexican state. Beyond the cuisine, it has lush flora and fauna, spectacular beaches and very friendly people. Of course, all this is accompanied by its monuments, archeological zones and interesting history.

Given that is it adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, it has direct access to incomparable marine surroundings. What’s more, it has the Islas Marías archipelago, Isabel Island, Farallón la Pena and the Marietas Islands, as well as incredible hills and forests.

As you can see, it is a state that has dozens of landscapes and many attractions, both natural and cultural. In this article, we will look at one of its most well-known: its food. We will mention six dishes that you have to try if you come to visit!

6 typical dishes from Nayarit

We know that when it comes to taste, nothing is written in stone, but the dishes that we will introduce you to are among visitors’ favorites.

Pipián de pollo con pepitas de calabaza (Chicken in a pumpkin seed sauce)

As its name indicates, this dish consists of chicken breast covered in a sauce made from diverse ingredients with an intense flavor. Among those, peanuts, chilis, sesame, onion, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, chicken broth and, most importantly, dried and cleaned pumpkin seeds. The sauce is creamy, like a curry, but not as spicy.

It is a dish that originated with the pre-Colombian indigenous peoples, who recognized it as an excellent source of energy and vitamins. You can’t miss it!

pipian de pollo comida de riviera nayarit

Fish ceviche

Ceviche is a traditional dish in many countries that border the Pacific Ocean, where they catch many different types of fish to make it with. In this regard, Nayarit has Santa María del Oro, a town that is home to a lake with turquoise waters where many tasty fish swim. Among those, tilapia and bream.

This municipality is particular makes a succulent fish ceviche with those fish. Therefore, it is almost impossible to taste it anywhere else in the country. If you visit this town, don’t miss this delicacy!

ceviche de pescado comida estilo Nayarit

Camarones cucaracha (Spicy shrimp)

One of the typical dishes from Nayarit. There is not much to it, but it is one of the most exquisite dishes on this side of Mexico. Such is its popularity that it began to spread from Baja California along the Mexican coast to the southern states. Look how simple it is! It is shrimp that are sauteed in olive oil and a traditional Huichol sauce. Of course, there is lots of garlic and lime juice.

It is a dish served cold, very summery, and ideal for summer afternoons. You can enjoy it with a very cold glass of a delicious white wine. If you are on the beach or an area near the coast, then you must try it. 

camarones cucaracha riviera Nayarit platillos

Chicharrón de pescado (Floured and fried fish)

This is another dish originating from Santa María del Oro. This town has some of the most delicious fish in all of Mexico! The inland towns make it with tilapia from the lake while those on the coast make it fish from the sea.

It’s so easy to make! It only takes some deboned fish cut into pieces, which are fried in abundant oil until golden and crunchy. Just the sight of them will make your mouth water!

chicharron de pescado comidas de riviera nayarit

Tamales de camarón (Shrimp tamales)

The tamale is one of the most well-known dishes of Mesoamerica. They are made in many different ways throughout the country. Its base of corn or rice dough never changes, but the fillings do, which can be meat, chicken, vegetables, etc. In the case of Nayarit, the tamales are made with fresh shrimp caught locally.

In addition, different types of chili peppers are usually added. Among those are anchos, serranos, and poblanos, which, together with the onion, give the tamales a spicy flavor that is a feast for the palate.

tamales de camaron para comer en riviera nayarit

Tatemado de lisa (Traditional grilled mullet)

Tatemado is a unique way of cooking It involves roasting food on a wood fire after cleaning, seasoning and salting it. The idea is to toast or brown the food quickly, so that the outside is seared and the inside is tender and juicy. Mullet is used most often, although skipjack and bonito can also be used.

In general, mangrove wood is used to fuel the grill as it is a woody tree with very long, slender shoots that are easy to cut. With a lot of salt, lime, and pico de gallo, mullet tatemado is transformed into one of the most exquisite delicacies of this country.

tatemado de lisa comidas tipicas de nayarit mexico

Come and try it for yourself!

We encourage you to visit this beautiful Mexican state and try the typical food of Nayarit that we have described in this post. If you are looking for the best accommodation in the area, click on the link above and try out the many options we have for you. We are waiting for you!