Exercise is essential to staying healthy and reinforcing a series of motor skills that increase quality of life. In this regard, Pilates has become one of the best ways to keep both our body and mind in shape, in order to improve our daily wellbeing. Pilates in Puerto Vallarta has grown in popularity, and now you can feel its benefits all around the city.

Benefits of Pilates for health and wellbeing

It is an innovative way to promote good health and feel more energized. To do Pilates, you don’t need any prior knowledge, since everything is centered around harmonious movements and the right breathing technique.

1. Significant reduction of stress levels

As you move and start to break a sweat, your body secretes a hormone called dopamine. Its role is to provide a pleasant feeling of satisfaction, relaxation, and happiness. In turn, this releases stress, anxiety, as well as sadness, promoting inner peace and harmony.

2. Reduces stubborn back pain and contributes to better posture

The central idea of Pilates is to relax and strengthen your back muscles with gentle movements. This way, it decompresses the nerves and promotes spinal mobility. What’s more, frequently practicing this form of exercise can prevent injuries, promote rehabilitation, correct posture, and minimize hunching.

3. Balance and coordination

This technique contributes to strength development and promotes better physical performance. Through exercises in which your weight is evenly distributed, the body’s central axis is controlled while performing daily activities.

Pilates en Del Mar Boutique

Pilates studios and centers in Puerto Vallarta

Pilates in Puerto Vallarta is accessible to everyone thanks to the wide selection of Pilates studios in the area. So go ahead and check out where you can practice Pilates in Puerto Vallarta:



This studio works with different positions and equipment to practice this relaxing activity. Overall, they consider the needs of each individual, making it easier to adjust the technique.

NACER Estudio Pilates y Yoga

NACER Estudio Pilates y Yoga

This is a space where the aim is to strengthen the body with gentle movements. By offering a prior physical exam to their customers, they make sure to know the weight you’ll be working with and the best accessories for you.

Marcelo Mico Pilates

Marcelo Mico Pilates

This studio promotes specific muscle toning and strengthening methods, as well as other benefits that will help you stay healthy. Here you can enjoy personalized and fully guided sessions, if you prefer, creating a comfortable and risk-free experience.

Pilates & Rehabilitation by Mónica Sanguinetti

Pilates & Rehabilitation by Mónica Sanguinetti

This studio facilitates overall rehabilitation while simultaneously strengthening body structure, enabling the performance of active and fluid movements. In fact, 15 years of experience attest to the work done here and the health benefits for people with disabilities.

Available classes and programs

Pilates offers different routines, allowing for greater flexibility while optimizing strength. Therefore, you can choose the Pilates class or program that best suits your needs, for examples:

  • Classical Pilates: This is an exercise plan involving fundamental movements that exercise the abdomen and promote strength.
  • Flow Pilates: A series of organized movements to perform different poses.
  • Contemporary Pilates: As the person makes progress and increases their ability, they move up a level. In this way, their progress becomes more and more noticeable.
  • Active mobility Pilates: It revolves around body control and movements to achieve greater agility and stability.
  • Fit Pilates: It reinforces balance, resistance, and coordination through activities that resemble mainstream exercises.
  • Fusion Pilates: This type of Pilates fuses stability, mobility, and practice to take you to the next level.
  • Restorative Pilates: It is frequently used for physical, mental, and emotional therapy to gain back confidence and promote wellbeing.
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Experiencias de practicantes de Pilates en Puerto Vallarta

Todos aquellos que han tenido la oportunidad de hacer pilates en Puerto Vallarta se han beneficiado de un modo de entrenamiento diferente para su salud.

Una joven con problemas de columna y hernias discales no podía permanecer de pie por mucho tiempo y agacharse le suponía un gran problema. Después de 6 meses entrenando, notó que los dolores y molestias desaparecieron y su vida mejoró. Entonces, sin importar la condición física, los beneficios son enormes y los resultados a largo plazo regeneran la salud del cuerpo.

Pilates Puerto Vallarta: una forma sana de cuidar tu cuerpo

El pilates en Puerto Vallarta es una manera activa de potenciar tu rendimiento, desempeño, hallar el equilibrio, flexibilidad, fuerza y motivación a pesar de enfermedades o una discapacidad. No te pierdas la oportunidad de sentirte bien con técnicas de bajo impacto. Si buscas alojamiento cerca de los estudios y centros, Del Mar es un lugar ideal para vacacionar y sentirte mejor.