The weather in Puerto Vallarta is one of the benefits this paradise on the coast of Mexico has to offer. With a large number of domestic and international tourists choosing the beautiful beaches of the Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta has become a prime destination. If you are thinking about planning a visit, in this post we will reveal the best season to come and relax by the sea.

Puerto Vallarta weather: everything you need to know

The climate in the area is predominantly semitropical and humid; however, the temperature in Puerto Vallarta hovers around 25 °C. So, you can be sure to find good weather almost any time of year. To give you an idea of the climate variations, here is what the weather is like in each season of the year.

Spring in Puerto Vallarta 

In the spring, the temperatures are still considered mild and the humidity is kept at bay, which makes the climate quite pleasant and bearable for those who are not used to much heat.

What’s more, the likelihood of rain is low, which makes the months from March to May the high season, especially around Easter for domestic tourists. If you enjoy hustle and bustle, you are guaranteed to have fun.

Summer Temperatures in Puerto Vallarta

While you may encounter the hottest days of the year during these months, the weather forecast in Puerto Vallarta could be affected by the rainy season that begins in mid-July. At the same time, it’s tropical storm season. Although they are unlikely, we recommend that you keep an eye on official alerts.

This is why it’s considered the low season. However, you can take advantage of the low influx of people to visit the main tourist destinations in peace and quiet and at a much more affordable price.

Mexico, Nayarit.

Fall and Winter in Puerto Vallarta 

Once September begins, rainfall decreases and temperatures drop. During fall, the weather is a bit humid, but pleasant enough to go to the beach and walk outdoors.

You can enjoy activities such as surfing, yacht rides and exploring the beautiful mountain scenery that Puerto Vallarta has for you.

At this time of the year, the days are somewhat cooler, but the temperature does not usually drop below 19 °C. As you can see, Puerto Vallarta’s climate is still quite pleasant and tourists coming from much colder areas choose to spend their winter vacations on these beaches under the sun.

If you want to know more about the weather in Puerto Vallarta and you feel more comfortable with English, enter the phrase “Puerto Vallarta weather” in Google to find websites with more information about it.

What is the best season to visit Puerto Vallarta?

There is no definitive answer to this question, since everything will depend on the itinerary you want to put together for your trip. However, here are some options based on the most popular activities to do in the area.

If you are traveling on a budget

Between the months of June to October is considered the low season, since rainfall is more frequent. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent time to find much lower prices for accommodation and recreational activities. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the whole place without crowds.

Looking for different activities?

The coasts of Puerto Vallarta are known for several natural wonders, such as whale watching or turtle hatching. If you are an animal lover, you can’t miss this opportunity.

Between November and March the whales come near the coast to complete their reproductive cycle, and between July and December the sea turtle eggs hatch.

Winter is also an excellent season for those who enjoy surfing. If you like this sport, don’t hesitate to visit Puerto Vallarta and surf on its beaches.

Do you prefer to visit the area with good weather? 

Winter and spring are the perfect seasons to avoid extreme heat or rain. Don’t forget that the costs of accommodation, food and activities may increase.

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The weather in Puerto Vallarta is very pleasant all year round. In addition, this destination offers a range of attractions for every taste: you can relax on the beach, visit the trendiest nightclubs, and do ecotourism observing the diversity of flora and fauna of the place. And, to enjoy it all, there’s nothing like staying at Del Mar Boutique.

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