Puerto Vallarta is such a popular city in Mexico that you are sure to have heard of it. How could it not be – it is a paradisiacal land surrounded by beautiful beaches and landscapes that you will fall in love with, which call you to spend time enjoying yourself. It is a tourist destination full of adventure everywhere you look. Spas, restaurants, musical shows, dancing, and water sports are all part of the fun that awaits you there. Here’s where to find us:

Map of Puerto Vallarta

If you take a look at this map of the area, you will find the location and geographic boundaries, among other interesting things. Note that Puerto Vallarta is a city in the state of Jalisco (Mexico) and has these geographical coordinates: 20°40′N 105°16′O / 20.667, -105.267.

As for its boundaries, you will notice that to the north is the state of Nayarit; to the south, the municipalities of Cabo Corrientes and Talpa de Allende; to the east, San Sebastian and Mascota; and to the west, the imposing Pacific Ocean.

The city’s territory extends 1,300.67 square kilometers and is 2 meters above sea level.

On the map, you can also see the geographical features that are nearby, which are the main attractions. One of them is the Bay of Banderas, which is part of the area known as Riviera Nayarit. In addition, there is Cape Corrientes, the Marietas Islands, Isabel Island and the Mita, Chimo, Piedra Blanca, Tabo and Isatan points. Each one of these areas has a particular natural atmosphere that will make your vacation experience even more exciting.

puerto vallarta mapa

Where is Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, which is considered the capital of mariachi. So, don’t be surprised if you hear one of these groups singing a popular piece of music in different places.

Guadalajara is 350 km to the west and separates Mexico City 880 km to the northwest. Its geography is part of the famous tourist destination known as the Bay of Banderas, a place of relaxation and fun, whose area of 773.3 square kilometers has given it a place among the largest bays in Mexico. This bay is unmistakable, as it has a horseshoe shape; in its 80 kilometers of coastline, you can choose which spot you want to visit the most.

Puerto Vallarta is where you will find perfect vacation beaches, where nature becomes an accomplice of your adventures, and where the people welcome you with their warmth and good food.

Where can I find Puerto Vallarta?

Every traveler who hears about the wonders of this destination asks “Where can I find Puerto Vallarta?” In addition to the information we have given you, it is good to know that this vacation spot is located about three hours from Los Angeles and a little more than four hours away from Chicago, New York, Seattle and other U.S. cities. As the crow flies, it is approximately 1760 km from San Diego and approximately 1080 km from San Antonio. (USA).

Puerto Vallarta has an international airport, where hundreds of flights arrive with thousands of passengers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many other places across the globe. The distance from the airport to Puerto Vallarta is less than 8 km. If you are not traveling with your own car, you can get a taxi, a town car or, if you prefer, a bus, and you’ll be there in a flash.

aeropuerto puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has become of the most important tourist destinations in the country. This has not always been the case. Its popularity has grown as people have discovered its amazing beaches, the first-class tourist complexes it has and the different leisure activities available in the area.

After Cancun, it is the most-visited city in Mexico by tourists. It is a relaxing haven where you find not only beautiful beaches but also moments that change your perspective on life.

Walking on the beach, enjoying sunsets, spending time in nature, watching whales and colorful fish, taking a dip in crystal clear waters and tasting delicious cuisine are just a small part of the beautiful things that await you.

playas puerto vallarta

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