For anyone planning a trip to Nuevo Vallarta, it’s almost mandatory to stop at Aquaventuras Park. This park is only 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and it’s a great plan for the whole family to enjoy. It’s full of spectacular natural scenes and a giant water park with 10 waterslides and wave pools. The park also has a lazy river and, as the main event, you’ll have the chance to swim with dolphins and sea lions.

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What you will find at Aquaventuras Park

No time is wasted at Nuevo Vallarta Aquaventuras Park. Little ones love it and grown-ups aren’t left behind. With so many attractions, there’s no room for boredom. In addition to those that we’ll mention below, this area includes a game area for kids and other areas with physical activities for older kids and adults.

Let’s see what Nuevo Vallarta Aquaventuras Park has to offer!


A water park with 10 giant waterslides? That’s right! You can redeem your inner child by sliding down the “Tooth breaker,” one of the most popular and exciting slides. You can also float around “The Octopus” on an inner tube. If you’re really brave, you can feel your adrenaline spike on “Happy Widow,” one of the highest waterslides on the premises.


There are only a few places left in the world where you can still swim with dolphins. Aquaventuras Park in Nuevo Vallarta is one of them. You can choose from three different experiences with the dolphins. Dolphin Royal Swim is the most dynamic experience and allows you to do different activities with these friendly animals. You can give them kisses, ride on their backs, or get pushed to the sky by your feet.

Dolphin Encounter is perfect for those who don’t know how to swim. You’ll be able to interact with the dolphins and get affection from them on a partially submerged platform where the water only comes up to your waist. Lastly, the Dolphin Swim Adventure experience will make you feel very close to the dolphins. You’ll learn about dolphins from an expert, greet them, hug them, and be guided around by the dolphins with your feet.

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Sea Lions

Dolphins are one of the biggest attractions at Aquaventuras Park, and so are the sea lions. You’ll have the chance to interact with our sea lions, which are aquatic mammals with very friendly personalities. You’ll be able to do more than just swim with them. There will also be experts who will teach you about their habitat, their eating habits, and their lifestyle. You’ll learn with them and about them!

Ticket prices at Aquaventuras Park in Nuevo Vallarta

We know you’ve read all about the great things that Aquaventuras Park offers and you’re dying to buy tickets. You can buy them online hassle-free on the park’s official website. As a bonus, you can get 30% off if you buy your tickets online.

You should be aware that there are two types of tickets. Both types include all the attractions in the park. One type also includes a meal and a drink. Think about it when you’re buying your ticket!

The price of Aquaventuras Park depends on whether or not you choose a ticket that includes food. There is also a different price for adults and children. And, if you’re a resident of Nuevo Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas, Tomatlán, Mascota, or Compostela, you can access a special rate.

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A water park full of excitement in Nuevo Vallarta

Aquaventuras Park is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. It’s one of the most highly-recommended activities for tourists that visit the area. It’s also frequented by local families who use their days off to visit the park and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

In addition to the amazing attractions we’ve mentioned, Aquaventuras Park in Nuevo Vallarta gives you the chance to challenge yourself with three different experiences. Will you be able to climb The Wall and show off your strength and skill? If you’re not tired from this challenge, you can try zooming down the zipline. If you’re on the more daring side, you can try The Challenge. This activity has you run, jump, scream, and test your motor skills.

Come visit Aquaventuras Park!

There’s so much to experience at Aquaventuras Park that you’ll regret not visiting if you’re in Nuevo Vallarta. Especially for kids who will love the waterslides, game area, and hugs from the dolphins and sea lions.

The park is not only a place for fun and relaxation–you and your family will learn a lot about dolphins and sea lions at the hands of our on-site experts.

Book your tickets today and get ready for one of the most amazing, unforgettable adventures of your life. You can’t miss it!