Practicing yoga in Puerto Vallarta

Practicing yoga in Puerto Vallarta means promoting body flexibility together with the serenity of the sea. Keeping the body relaxed is the key to being able to keep moving while overcoming stiff joints. Through controlled breathing and different postures, you achieve the fluidity and calmness that moments of stress deny you.

Yoga in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Inherited from India, its place of origin, Puerto Vallarta has turned this practice into a vacation activity. In this city, one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, yoga is reformulated as a practice to reset the routine.

Its compatibility with the sea and sand has taken it to all kinds of beaches. However, in Puerto Vallarta the rhythms and marine tranquility are combined with summer vibes, fitness, and fun.

Yoga puerto Vallarta

Yoga’s benefits for the body and mind

Many of yoga’s benefits are physical. Generally speaking, it increases not only flexibility but also strength and tends to reduce blood pressure. However, perhaps the most beneficial part is the mental well-being it provides. It is already common for companies to promote yoga sessions for employees. This is because it has been proven that people who take meditation breaks are able to resume their activities more efficiently.

Originally a philosophy, yoga is more a way of understanding the world than movements performed in minutes. Actually, yoga is compatible with any lifestyle, so you can always find a time, a place and a way to exercise that is right for you.

The original meaning of yoga and its types

Yoga derives its name from the word “yuj”, which means ‘to gather’. And this is precisely what it does: one mind, body and spirit. Some styles of yoga even involve such rapid movements that they resemble an aerobic workout. However, most focus on achieving deep relaxation. Its benefits are summarized in the following points:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Deeper sleep.
  • Decreased levels of cortisol.
  • Relief from allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • It activates circulation and promotes lower blood pressure.
  • Increased strength, flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Slowing of the aging process.

Centros de yoga en Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is such a versatile destination that many of its plans include yoga exclusively in their programming. Take a look at these three below.

The Xinalani Retreat

Join this 8-day and 7-night experience in Puerto Vallarta. You will rest among the sea, the hillside, and the lush tropical landscape of the Xinalani Retreat Center. This immersive retreat consists of daily aerial yoga classes with hammocks and hot yoga, two specialized workshops and an excursion to the Quimixto waterfall. All meals are included and you will practice at least seven variations of yoga.


Beyond Yoga Retreat

It combines simplicity with luxury. This retreat stands as one of the best dedicated to yoga in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The 8 days are distributed between yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, massage, and trekking. You will rest in tree houses overlooking the sea and eat a balanced diet. The yoga classes are outdoors to breathe in the jungle of the Sierra Madre.

Beyond Yoga Retreat

Tantra Retreat in Mexico

A 5-day experience to learn the secrets of Tantra and Movement Dance Therapy. Tantra refers to “text.” It is a system of knowledge that leads to explore sensations and energies of the beyond. In this retreat you will feel the connection between the divine and the childlike. During that week you will have daily classes and workshops, coaching calls and balanced meals.

Tantra retreat

Connecting with Nature: Practicing Outdoor Yoga in Puerto Vallarta

As in India, Puerto Vallarta’s tropical climate invites you to stay lightly dressed and mingle with the warm breeze. The sound of the swaying palms and the gentle swell are the ideal rhythms, the strings to set your stretches to music. Yoga has a strong component of intimacy and, in that sense, it is beneficial to practice it within walls. But if there is one thing that characterizes it, it is its inflection point with the environment. Thus, practicing at a Puerto Vallarta yoga retreat is more relaxing and enriching than in a classroom. It gives you the opportunity to experience the essence of this ancient and evergreen practice in the midst of the tropical coastal environment.

Come to practice yoga in Puerto Vallarta with Del Mar Boutique

Yoga is both an exercise and a habit that involves body, mind and soul. By incorporating it into your life, you too will be a force field where the ancestral and the present are related and deactivated in your body. By visiting the city and trying Puerto Vallarta yoga, the hard or idyllic past and the promising or anxious future will be one peaceful present.